Which Casino Games are Most Popular In Japan

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Casino Games

The gambling scene in Japan is quite complicated for a tourist to understand how to approach the games. The gambling laws of Japan strictly prohibit any real money casino games from taking place on Japan’s territory. However, in recent years the gambling scene of Japan is changing. With online casinos and three major resorts getting permission to open casinos in Japan, we can only see the gaming scene rising in the coming years. Even though Japan has a lot of regulations for gambling and casino games, it does not stop the locals from playing their favorite casino games. One can easily enjoy legal casino gaming on one of the licensed online platforms that accept players from Japan. The Japanese players can have as much fun as any other player from a different country on the online casino platforms. Here are the top favorite casino games among Japanese players.

Slot Games

Slot Games

After the pachinko machines, the second most popular game among Japanese players is any slot machine. Slot machines can be quick and easy entertainment for players. The players like to quickly access their game while they are in the subway or coming back from their office. With online slot machines, the players in Japan are happy to play from wherever they want.


One must imagine poker would be the second most popular choice for Japanese players as well, but it is baccarat that entertains them more. Baccarat attracts the highest rollers in Japan among all the other table games. There are plenty of baccarat variants that professional players in Japan like to play with friends and opponents.


Finally, poker is enjoyed in Japan as much as any other country. It is a popular table game around the world and has a big playing community in Japan as well. Since it is a game of skills, the Japanese players see opportunity in the game. The most popular variants of poker in Japan are Texas Hold’em, Five Card Draw, Omaha, Razz, and seven-card stud.


The gaming community in Japan is also fond of American roulette, as this game lets the players rely completely on luck. It is like a lottery for the Japanese players if they are in a mood of enjoying gambles with their eyes closes. Players are not afraid to risk their luck and play roulette on the online platforms, as well as the free casino game parlors.


Lottery games

The lottery is one of the few popular forms of gambling in Japan. The lottery is also one of the very few legal gambling activities in Japan. Takarakuji is a lottery system that has its own website and conducts a nationwide lottery that anyone above age 18 can take part in. There are also other online lottery games such as scratch cards, numbers 3 and numbers 4, jumbo lottery, and lotto that are widely popular in Japan.

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