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Tips and Tricks to Increase Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has proved to be one of the most popular smartphones, as about 10 million of the smartphones have been sold worldwide in just a month since its release. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a bigger mobile phone battery of 2,600mAh which stores about 500mAh more power than its predecessor which runs on a 2,100mAh battery. The Samsung Galaxy S4 can suffer according to official battery time, up to 17 hours of continuous use. But some users have reviewed that the batery doesn't last long. As the huge screen and 4G LTE connectivity can quickly drain battery life. Users can improve the battery life of the Galaxy S4 to get the most out of it by doing some customisations. We'll show you a few quick tips and tricks to get better Galaxy S4 battery life.

1. Turn on Power Saving Mode
One of the easiest things you can do is to turn on the built-in Power Saving mode. You can find this option in Settings -> My Device, and once you have set it up, it's also available in the quick settings in the notification pane. From here users can pick and choose which power saving features to enable and disable. Power Saving mode will allow you to set your Galaxy S4 to conserve battery power.

2. Reduce the Screen Brightness
The Samsung Galaxy S4's large HD display is often the biggest battery life user. Reduce the brightness of the screen as doing so will extend battery life of the Galaxy S4. And turning on Auto Brightness, combined with the changes made in Power saving mode, will deliver better battery life.

3. Turn Off the Extra Features
The next best way to get batter Galaxy S4 battery life is to turn off all the extra Galaxy S4 features like Air View etc. These features are great for showing off what the Galaxy S4 can do or for productivity, but if you're not using them, you should disable them. To do so, simply swipe down from the top of the screen to see your notification bar, then tap on the feature's icon to disable it. 4. Turn Off Bluetooth & WiFi & More
Turn the features such as GPS, Bluetooth and NFC off when not needed. These are known to drain battery faster. If you are not using any of it, then it is best that you turn them off and just turn them on when you need it.

5. Reduce Or Disable Auto Sync
When the auto sync is turned on, the device always searches for data which consumes energy. You can then reduce or disable the phone's scheduled auto-sync apps for Twitter, Gmail, and the likes.

6. Battery Care
Do not expose the battery to extreme temperature conditions which will ruin the battery life.

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