Tips and Tricks to Increase Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Life

27 May, 2013 by
The Samsung Galaxy S4 has proved to be one of the most popular smartphones, as about 10 million of the smartphones have been sold worldwide in just a month since its release. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a bigger battery of 2,600mAh which stores about 500mAh more power than its predecessor which runs on a 2,100mAh battery...Read more »

Some Tips to Save Smartphone Battery

20 May, 2013 by
Many of us have to charge the smartphone several times a day. Here are ten tips to save your smartphone battery.
More battery is needed for smartphone...Read more »

How to Extend Android Smartphone Battery Life

12 May, 2013 by
Android smartphones are quite popular these days and is growing rapidly, but the major concerned with the Android operating system is the high battery consumption. Many Android users frequently bewail the battery life of many Android smarphones...Read more »

Need Help with Facebook app for Nokia Lumia 822

15 Apr, 2013 by
I need some help from the computer forum. I just got a Nokia Lumina 822 with OS Windows 8 and I love it; however I am having a problem Verizon could not answer because I am using the Facebook app from Microsoft for the phone...Read more »

How Long Will Your Laptop Battery Last

1 Apr, 2013 by
How long your laptop battery will last is probably the most common question asked by the notebook customer. There are many contributing factors to a long battery life and maximum runtime. After the laptop has gone through a full single charge and the power plug is unplugged the average life of a laptop battery can be anywhere between one and six hours...Read more »