IGC investigates Terre Haute Licencing Firm

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In the aftermath of a political strategist who pleaded guilty to the federation charges of unlawfully sweeping campaign donations for an Indianapolis-based game maker, the Indiana Gaming Commission investigates the company which owns two casinos along Lake Michigan.

The Commission said Friday that the federal case in Virginia involving Centaur Gaming managers, which in 2018 established Spectacle Entertainment managers, had led to the meeting held February 7, which would allow for the Terre Haute casino license to be granted to Spectacle. Only “Company A” is identified in court records by the prosecutors.

The details we have obtained relate to and the Commission has initiated a review in compliance with its legislative obligations in this regard.” For several years Spectacle managers have been active lobbyists for the Indiana legislature, while the Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb was confronted by a State Ethics investigation of his work with Rod Radcliff, CEO of Spectacle, last year.

Inquiry co-operating spectacle authorities.

Spectacle Entertainment Singapore betting online has been informed that a paying consultancy company that once contracted Centaur Gaming is involved in charges related to the campaign finance irregularities in Virginia.

The spectacle is committed to cooperating entirely with the Indiana Gaming Commission to examine this matter. We take those issues very seriously, and if more data become accessible, we will share more.

The spectacle also operates two Gary casinos along Lake Michigan, and secured government regulatory authorization last year to close the casinos on a more profitable on-the-ground Interstate 80/94 in Gary for a $400 million new casino. The corporation has made an offer for a Terre Haute casino license to develop a 125-million-dollar casino and possibly employ 600 people.

Investigation made 

The latest state probe follows the guilty Thursday of the plot to make illicit donations to a campaign by Charles O’Neil, Vice-Chairman of the Strategic Campaign Group in Virginia. According to court records, he decided to pay for many individuals to write checks for the campaign in India with casino company money funneled into a bogus $38,500 deal for political work for the Strategic Campaign Party. President Kelley Rogers of Strategic Campaign Group last week was sentenced to 3 years in jail for bribery in the federal investigation into the company’s fraud.

Private jet 

The Indianapolis Star revealed in March that Radcliff subjected Holcomb to private jet flights in 2018 when they flew together for meetings held by the Republican Governors Association in Colorado and Arizona. But, as a result of the determination of the flights provided by the party of the governor rather than Holcomb’s staff, the state inspector general found the governor was not wrong.

The vols were 500,000 dollars! In 2018, Ratcliff and his businesses donated 7.6 million USD of the 14.5 million Holcomb invested on the 2016 election effort to the Republican Governors Association. Sen. Jon Ford, who co-authored the law, will slow down the probe.

Such things are boring and sluggish,” he said. “It’s been a long time since we did so and this is actually the essence of large urban growth initiatives of major significance.

It is uncertain what the investigation would entail for the Terre Haute Casino kelab 711 Singapore license to proceed, but Mayor Bennett said the scenario would work hopefully.


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